The doors to the Museum’s newly renovated sealarium have now opened, and you’re invited to a wealth of experiences. Watch the seals in their natural element through the big underwater windows, and explore the many different views at child height.

Come right up to the sealarium’s inhabitants at the daily feeding times, 11.00 a.m. and 2.30 p.m., when the Museum’s employees train the seals at the seashore and encourage them to jump and splash in the water. Take a seat in the new cinema and join us on a trip to the wild seals on the sandbanks in the Wadden Sea, and see the seals’ own world. Or try the new seal game and join the game when Gry and Vitus show the way.

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum’s new sealarium offers experiences for all ages – so come and look in on the seals’ world. 

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